Memorial Flower Preservation 

Flower Arrangement

Preserving a loved ones’ funeral flowers is an intimate and unique situation. From discussing arrangements, to selecting the perfect flowers that  best represent them as a person.

At Nyalaa Rose Company we carefully dry the flowers from the funeral service and place them creatively in keepsakes for you to help you have an eternal beautiful keepsake, for you and all the family.

Within your special piece you can also have you names and dates incorporated and any other extras that you also want to be remembered.

How it Works

Use the form below to let us know what you are looking for. We will contact you to discuss your preferences in more detail, to confirm arrangements and ensure that you get something that truly reflects youre loved ones memory .

Price Guide



Large Letters 

  • Small (5cm) - £15

  • Large (11cm) - £38


  • 6cm Heart - £30

  • 8.5cm Heart - £45

  • 10cm Heart - £65

  • 12cm Heart - £80

  • 22cm Heart - £160


  • 5cm Cube - £45

  • 6cm Cube - £55

  • 10cm Cube - £90

  • 22cm Heart - £170


26cm by 7cm - £80

Custom sizes are available  for cube and rectangular shapes, ask to find out more


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