You spend a lot of time and effort selecting the right bouquets for you and your bridal parties, so why not make them last forever.

Keep the magic of your wedding memories alive, by preserving the flowers from your bridal and bridesmaid bouquet in stunning art form. Your wedding flowers are an important part of your big day so having them preserved for all time can be a beautiful reminder of your happy occasion.

Use your bridal bouquet for a variety of options

  • Spell out your last name (e.g H U N T)

  • As initials (e.g R & H)

  • Decorative Paperweights

Within your special piece you can also have you date incorporated and any other extras such as bow ties, buttons, necklaces that you also want to be remembered.

This would also be great to gift your bridesmaids to say thank you with there own small memento.

Wedding Flower Preservation 

Wedding Bouquet
Beautiful Wedding Bouquet

Large Letters             

Letter flower preservation




wedding bouquet flower preservation


wedding bouquet preservation


  • Small (5cm) - £15

  • Large (11cm) - £38


  • 6cm Heart - £30

  • 8.5cm Heart - £45

  • 10cm Heart - £65

  • 12cm Heart - £80

  • 22cm Heart - £160


  • 5cm Cube - £45

  • 6cm Cube - £55

  • 10cm Cube - £90

  • 22cm Heart - £170


  • 26cm by 7cm - £80

Custom sizes are available for rectangle and cube preservation ask to find out more

Hand Engraving

engraving water mark.png

Add to your beautiful bespoke piece with our in house hand engraving service. From 'Mr and Mrs Smith' to 'The Smith Est 23 February 2021' the possibilities are endless. 


We will then work with you on the specific placement of your engraving to a variety of font options to suit your personalised style. 


Hand engraving is charged at:

  • £10 for less than 10 letters 

  • £20 for more than 10 letters

If you would like more complex engraving ideas, please do get in touch with us prior to purchase. 

Mrs. Bride, Mr. Groom
Bridesmaids Dresses

Purchasing Process

The date refers to the date that you will be sending the flowers to Nyalaa Rose Company to start the flower preservation process. This should be 24-48 hours after your wedding date.


Please note this is a non-refundable deposit that will be applied to the final amount of your custom artwork. Balance is due by your 'save the date' date (usually the date of your wedding) to complete your order.

Save the Date


With this option you pay deposit of £50 to reserve your date and the remainder will be sent via invoice and be due on the date the flowers will be sent to us.